The relevant resource, where and when you need them

Why UKCS Enterprise Solutions?

Why UKCS Enterprise Solutions?
Simplified engagement model and methodology to expedite your recruitment experience
Why UKCS Enterprise Solutions?
Highly flexible and agile to meet the changing demands of your business
Why UKCS Enterprise Solutions?
Standardised commercials to help you budget and plan utilisation

What we do...

When so much transformation is happening within your business, you need to assign critical tasks to those within your teams who are most familiar with your operations.

Resource from UKCS Enterprise Solutions provides you access to a vast pool of skilled and validated technical people across the UK. Structured to ensure ease of management and total flexibility, you are able to utilise these resources for both ad-hoc and long term requirements on standardised daily rates. We know that when you encounter people who create value within your organisation and are aligned to critical roles, you are likely to wish to engage with them over a longer term or more frequent basis, for this reason we also provide certain individuals on a temporary to permanent basis.

How we do it...

Working collaboratively with your internal stakeholders, we jointly recommend people that are in-tune with your markets, culture, ethics and environment in order to ensure successful integration of the individual into your business within short time frames.

Once placed, your aligned Service Management Specialist from UKCS Enterprise Solutions who will continue to engage with both your organisation and the individual to ensure continuity of service throughout the defined period. For resource intensive projects such as nationwide installation, refresh or upgrade projects, we can provide value in relation to sourcing, scheduling and ownership of all required tasks and activities overseen by UKCS Enterprise Solutions and Programme Management teams.

In order to simplify your engagement, we have created six pre-defined role based requirement bands and six associated levels of experience for consistency of selection. This enables us to accelerate the quotation and sourcing process and ensures we set the correct level of expectation with you prior to each and every assignment. If you have a high volume of frequent requests, we can provide you with a specific rate card for your organisation in order to improve budgetary planning and forecasting against your likely utilisation.

Upon receipt of each resource request you submit, we provide a rapid, relevant and cost effective service ensuring you receive two-three fully qualified and relevant candidate CVs for review within 24 hours of registering the need. Each candidate recommended to you will have gone through an interview process to identify the very best available within the given time frame.

Our solutions...

From experience, we understand that it’s probable you will require additional resources in specific situations.

For this reason, we have created three standardised offerings that help expedite your experience each and every time.

Level 1
We provide interim staff to fill short to mid term requirements in your staffing levels.
Interim resources are typically utilised in the following scenarios:

• During periods of change or transformation.

• If you are limited by budget or time constraints.

• Cover for holiday or long term illness of your permanent employees.

• Support throughout scheduled maternity/paternity leave.

• To alleviate pressure during known extended delays to your internal recruitment process.
Level 2
By understanding the criticality of your internal projects, we know how we can best provide assistance when and where you need it.
Our supplemental offering is designed to compliment both our own portfolio of services and any internal requirements you may demand, typical engagements include:

• Back-fill of your own key staff in order to maintain business as usual operations whilst they are seconded to your most important business objectives or project tasks.

• Providing extended geographical coverage within the UK to regions typically not supported by your internal teams.

• Resource or teams of resource to assist you in meeting capacity demands against schedule.

• Specialist individuals to complement the capability of your existing team.
Level 3
On occasion, it can be extremely difficult to recruit the right person.
A candidate can interview incredibly well but turn out to be completely different after they start in the required role. Our provisional tier of service allows you to introduce a candidate to your organisation and for them to experience your environment and the role before both parties commit to a full time position.

We will provide a candidate on a temporary to permanent contract basis. After the initial period, and on the indication that all parties would like to progress, we facilitate the move to permanent staff at no additional cost. This service could save you thousands in recruitment fees and the wasted time and effort of going through the process of hiring and releasing an unsuitable candidate time and time again.
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